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Creativity Overload

Since our establishment in 2009, our brand-centric approach has allowed us to gain a deep appreciation for the art and science of video marketing and visual storytelling. Regardless of your brand’s scale or aspirations, we are well-equipped to bring your visions to life, crafting content that not only sells your products but also weaves compelling narratives that leave audiences engaged. Monthly Retainers are our jam!

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Our CORE Services

3D Animation

The gateway to a realm where imagination thrives and the extraordinary becomes tangible.

Motion Graphics

The visual symphony that orchestrates compelling stories and fuels unforgettable brand experiences.

Training & Product Videos

Nothing better than creating a explainer video that wows a customer or provides a solution.

Gear + Studio

We work with the best Gear! Red, Arri, DJI, Canon, Kino Flo, Aputure. We also have an awesome production studio to boot!

Photography + Brand

In a competitive world, a strong brand is the guiding light that shapes perceptions, inspires loyalty, and propels businesses.

Web & TV Commercials

Leave a lasting impression on audiences and propel your brand towards resounding success.

Digital Marketing

The force that connects businesses to the world, revolutionizing how brands engage, grow, and thrive in the digital age.


Film is a captivating and influential art form that has the power to inspire, educate, and move audiences like no other medium.


Visual Storytellers

The Doodad Experience. Imagination without limits

We LOVE shooting film and telling compelling stories. Whether it being Commercials, Video Production, Narrative, or Computer Animation! We also have a great DESIRE for building long lasting relationships with our clientele. We put forth the effort to make sure that every client or agency we work with will continue to keep us as part of their team. We do this by implementing Our 3 CORE values of Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication. Our Video Production Sacramento studio has it all. Based in Northern California we work in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and beyond!

Our Creative Process


Kickoff / Discovery
During the kick-off and discovery phase, we aren’t just learning about the project. We are developing a collaborative relationship with you and your BRANDS vision too!

“By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.” Ben Franklin. We work with you to lay out the dates, process, and procedures to stay on budget and on time.

Idea + Creativity

Storyboards / Concept Art / Treatment
Do you have a script? How will you visually tell the story? Understanding pacing, shot lists, camera angles, and flow is so important to telling a great story.

Asset Creation
Oh sweet eye-candy! At this point, your project starts to come to life and we start creating the digital assets, backdrops, design, and 3d elements that will work with the live action footage.


Video Production
Every production size and budget is different. We organize actors, crew, locations, props, film equipment, lighting, and grip to shoot your vision.

Animation / Special Effects
Turning an idea into a 2D Motion Graphic Video or making a 3d Character come to life is our specialty. Whether your video needs it or not we can do it all!

Editing + Compositing
We take the video footage and digital assets and start telling a story through composition. Everything starts to come together.

Coloring with Davinci Resolve
A final shot is only as good as your colorist. Do photographers edit their photos after a shoot? Taking RAW footage and making the edit pop is the goal. Coloring creates the mood and specific look of the video.


Get ready to Take off!
Its time to show the world what we’ve created. Whether it’s a music video, documentary,  short film, 3D animation, commercial, or business showcase we make sure we shoot for the sky!


Rinse and Repeat!
We are always working on new creative projects. Since no one project is alike we love it when a new idea is brought to us and we can explore different ways to make it come alive. Literally anything goes and can be done by going with our studio. Fill out the form below or give us a call to start the conversation.

The Portfolio





Creativity without limits

About Us


Doodad Studios opened its doors the Winter of 2009 with a clear direction of being a Creative studio with big ideas. We look forward to projects that want to innovate and stand out from the competition. Our STRONG BACKGROUND in Film, Commercial, Brand, 3D Animation, Design, Marketing, & Photography is what sets us apart.

Shaun E. Lupton

CEO / Creative Director, Doodad Studios

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1600 sq ft. Sacramento Rental Studio housing True hollywood green screen cyc walls and White Cyc Walls, hair and makeup station, bathroom, hvac, Staging & lounge area, free wifi, floor lighting, black and white backdrops, rental gear, and so much more. Call us for rates and availability at 916-517-9855

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