What CORE Services Make Doodad Tick!

3D Animation

3D is not JUST for the movies!  Aside from creating amazing 3D modeling, character animations, 3d prototypes, key art and so on.. we also love to incorporate 3D elements into clients tv, web, commercial, and video projects to help them stand apart.

Video Production

“Telling a great story is just as important as creating Beauty through a lens. Not all Productions are alike. Understandinding of Lighting, composition, special fx, color, lens, equipment, camera, and experience get you the perfect shot!

Motion Graphics

Bring a once static image to life. The use of 3D modeling, special effects, graphic design, photography, and animation used to portray a service or a product will always tell the most engaging story visually.

Studio Rental

3000 sq ft. of Film Production Studio Space Large White cyc wall and green screen studio rental. 4k Editing bay and colorist dream lab, professional sound editing room and large recording booth, props, lighting, equipment and so much more! more info...

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What we Create.

Web Commercial

This was an exciting Commercial that allowed us to flex our creative capabilities. We needed to tell a story that conveyed "Out of this world" to the viewer. We incorporated 3D Animated Aliens, Green Screen Production, a 50's theme set and costumes for Video as well as film quality coloring. This was one of our favorite commercials to date!

Product Demo Video

We were hired on to create a Product explainer video related to the assembly, testing, and convience of their device. We were able to utiize our large white cyc Studio A shooting room at Doodad Studios to do the production which made things convenient and made for a clean composition and overall classys shoot.

Short Film 2016

This was a great experience to shoot with some great talent. We made a goal to shoot a Short Form Film for 2016 and we wanted it to be Raw, Edgy, and have a cool story to boot. Our friend Eric (Actor / Writer) wrote the script and partnered with us in creating a 14 minutes Film that was shot in 24 hours! Not bad for a days worth of work!

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Brand Video

We created a new twist in launching an upcoming fashion label. Using music video and movie cinematics as the CORE, We shot a lifestyle video that shows the vision of the brand in a whole new way, telling a story that evokes emotion and an experience. The final came out epic!

Music Video

We were brought in to shoot a Music Video called "Bring Me Light" for singer / DJ Aurey Napoleon. It was connected to a 4 part Teaser for a Book for client Isabel Adrian. We shot the video the same time the BRAVO network was shooting her new reality series "Euros of Hollywood" making the project that much more challenging. The final product got rave reviews!

Product Video

We were hired on to create a Explainer Product Motion Graphic Video without sound used for the CES Trade show. We incorporated 3D Animated Elements as well as motion graphic animations to create a complex universe of data streams and code within a tesseract. The video was streamed live at the event and visually stood out in the forum!

Web Commercial

We were hired to re-brand a 20 year old sport and take it to the 21st century. The story we went with was showing how slow traditional golf is by using a old man going through his golfing routine, and then speed things up by showing speedgolf and its intensity. We completed a successful launch of everything before TBS aired the event before the Masters.

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Informational Videos

South Placer Municipal Utility District was looking to show the community the type of service they provide on a day to day basis. It was a get down and dirty production as we got our equipment in sewer systems, around big machinery, and giant dirt ditches shooting 6 Videos in all. The city was very pleased with the end results commissioning us for more!

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Marketing Video

Brookfield is 1 of 4 Schools that we manage their Brand. We shot a video showcasing the lifestyle of Brookfield and its students. We also setup interviews with parents, teachers, and the principle that talks about what makes Brookfield special and different. The Video is used for both internet marketing and web.

Fashion Video

We shot a Fashion Video showcasing the Brand Sewn Still Los Angeles and all the looks they have in a creative way. We wanted to convey sexy, edgy, and fresh in our shots using slow motion. This Video Production was shot in Malibu California with some highly recognized talent.

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TV Commercial

We were brought in as a 3rd Party to work with Scarywood Theme Parks Marketing Team to help produce a TV Spot for the new new amusement park haunted house experience. We collaborated with their team and ended up doing the full video edit, coloring, sound, and special effects in the commercial. The reviews came back that people actually thought it was a new horror film being released which is a sign we did our job!

Promotional Video

Working with a Non-Profit for a postive cause is always a great client to have. We were asked us to showcase what they do every day in all departments and let the public know its more then just pet adoption. We had the pleasure to interview owners with their adopted pets and get their stories. True love sometimes comes in the form of an animal, and saving one makes the bond that much stronger.

Tribute Video Trailer

We were hired by Motive Marketing to create a Viral Tribute Video Trailer that would be released before Memorial Day Weekend for a new Documentary Feature Film called The Hornet's Nest. We received the full movie and edited it down and added impactful photo motion graphics and film coloring to really drive the feeling of what our troops went through and to showcase the impact of the film. The viral video was well received!

2D Animated Video

We were hired to tell a story of a new product invention using 2D Animation. The client had envisioned using a old lady they came up with called Hagrid Harriet representing the old way of bates labeling and have a young pretty woman showing off the new invention. This was a fun quarky project as it allowed us to play around with stylized characters within an old classic office setting.

Motion Graphic Animated Video

This was a fun Animated Motion Graphic Video that was used as a Website Explainer Video to show the clients backend rewards system as well as how to achieve points in the real world.

Brand Commercial

We were tasked with creating a video that needed to appeal to the millenial generation as well as incorporate their brand into the process. So that is what we did, we casted good looking millenials and turned it into one big party!

3D Animation

We were commissioned to create a 3D animated simulation that would be used for a visual representation of the new Pebble beach highway project. Given just the basics of a top view PDF, we did everything in 3D from scratch within a tight deadline and achieved our objective based off client spec.

3D Animation

This was a 3D Animated Commercial we created for the thin and powerful campaign with DELL. Because computer engineers are normally associated with being nerdy and tiny, we made the twist of the actual main character (representing the new DELL computer) having super human stregnth within his thin frame.

Promotional Video

We were asked to shoot the Sac Metro 2nd Annual Golf Tournament. We wanted to convey through the video a sense of community, friendship, and fun. We shot the intro a separate day to get that fresh early morning feeling of golf and freedom. We were also able to take out our large drone for a aerial flyby in the beginning.

How to Video

This was a pretty straight forward 3D Animated Assembly Video for web. Client wanted it to be clean and to the point as there was not a lot of parts. We rendered out the sequences and then did an exploded view to give it some flare. We do on occassion get asked to do 3D animated prototypes as well.

Business Video

We shot a business video showing off the different printing services Iconic T-shirts provides. We wanted to show it is a hip, modern, artistic print shop. We used a lot of film burns and upbeat music to show off the shop and all its capabilities.

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Meal Me

MealMe app that helps you maintain your long list of recipes, as well as shopping list for ingredients, and shelf locations within participating stores.

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Internal Spec project created in 3d. The idea uses the concept of an accordion and dual monitor connectivity to have the ability to view larger resolutions in tablet form, but also collapse down to smart phone size and still have mobile functionality. Added features like pen attachment, game controller, & HD camera makes this the first true all in one handheld device.

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Clinique Happy

This was a spec spot created as part of a marketing campaign for the new Clinique Happy Brand launch. The project encompassed a lot of our own capabilities that included producing, directing, writing, storyboarding, matte painting, green screen, music, motion graphics, and design to make a quite beautiful happy ending to a great project.

Isabel Adrian

Given the opportunity to work with such a creative mind made her a dream client. We were brought in to shoot a 4 part Teaser for the Release of her new Book. We shot the video the same time the BRAVO network was shooting her new reality series making the project that much more challenging. The final product though got rave reviews which will be shown on national TV.

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Let me tell you, it's a process.



During the kick-off and discovery session, we aren’t just learning about business requirements. We are developing a collaborative relationship with you too!


“By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.” Thanks Ben Franklin! We’ll work with you to lay out the dates and procedures for our undertaking.

Idea + Creativity


Do you have a script? How will you visually tell the story.. Understanding pacing, shot sequence, and flow. Together we’ll figure it out.

Asset Creation

Oh sweet eye-candy! At this point, your project starts to come to life and we start creating the digital assets, backdrops, special effects, and 3d elements that will work with the live action footage.


Video Production

We bring together actors, crew, locations, props, the right equipment and lighting to shoot an epic film.

Editing + Compositing

We take the video footage and digital assets and start telling a story through composition. Everything starts to come together.


A final shot is only as good as your colorist. Taking raw footage and digital assets and making them seamless is key. Then coloring it to create a mood and specific look is our overall goal.


Go Live!

Its time to show the world what we've created. Whether it's a music video, documentary, feature or short film, commercial, viral video, or tv pilot we take you all the way to the top!

The Doodad Experience.

We don’t just have a passion for Video Production and Film! We also have a great passion for building lasting relationships with our clients. We put forth every effort to make sure that every person we work with, both internally and externally, will want to work with us for a long time. Our CORE Video Production Sacramento studio houses some of the best creative talent in Northern California, serving San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and beyond!

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